TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue

In the rich saga of TUDOR historic chronographs, reference 7169 – better known to aficionados as the TUDOR “Montecarlo” chronograph – is an absolute icon. Since its launch in 1973, it has been produced in a number of different versions, the most fascinating featured distinctive touches of blue, grey and orange. This rare, historic chronograph was produced for only a few years. Today, it is greatly prized by collectors and is steadily increasing in value. To revitalize this legendary chronograph – imbued with the spirit of chic, sophisticated holiday destinations of the 1960s and 1970s, and reminiscent of carefree Mediterranean warmth and glamour – TUDOR has decided to reinterpret it and unveil the new TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue.

TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue – Rebirth of a Myth

Aficionados made an icon of it and now 40 years on, Tudor resurrects the reference 7169 known simply as the "Montecarlo" with a new 2013 icon called the Heritage Chrono Blue. Its epic story meant that this summer hit deserved its own photo shoot.

by Joel Grandjean – It was rather chilly on the 17th of December 2012 in Monaco harbour yet who would have thought that when watching these sunny and marine spindrift touched images that the film heralding this resurrection had been shot in the middle of December. This icon lends itself to all forms of calm, nonetheless it was daring to stage the scene on the verge of winter.

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TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue Watch Review by Frank Geelen

Originally introduced in 1973, the Tudor ref. 7169/0, nicknamed 'Monte Carlo', was the inspiration for the new Heritage Chrono Blue that Tudor introduced earlier this year.

by Frank Geelen – In order to review it for you, I've been wearing it for a full week and that has been a very! pleasant experience. The Heritage Chrono Blue is a cool looking, 'summery' watch that attracts many positive responses. It looks like the summer and it feels like the summer. I guess the advertisement that Tudor created for it, with the speedboat and the water skier behind it, only adds to that feeling. While wearing it, a song composed by Gershwin keeps coming back to my mind: "Summertime and the livin' is easy…"

TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue Watch Review

People here in the US are getting really excited about Tudor's return to the American watch market. The reason, at least for watch lovers, is that Tudor represents two very good things. First, is a tradition of making good looking, yet conservative watches a lot of people are happy to put on their wrist. Second, is that Tudor comes from a very well-respected and trusted house. Tudor watches are made right alongside Rolex watches.

by Ariel Adams – If you are among the last people to learn this fact, Rolex is a sister company of Tudor, each being technically owned by the Wilsdorf Foundation (named for Hans Wilsdorf who began Rolex). Tudor has been a laudable sub-brand of the world's most famous luxury watch maker for decades. Also, in cooperation with our friends at Watchonista, we'd like to point you over to their collection of Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue reviews here, which our aBlogtoWatch review being the very first.

Exclusive TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue Review

Tudor scored a big hit with the first Heritage chronograph of 2010. This year Tudor has added a new orange and blue version to the line-up.

by SJX – While the earlier Heritage Chronograph was modelled on the ref. 7031 of the seventies, nicknamed the “Home plate” for the shape of its indices, the Heritage Chrono Blue is inspired by the later ref. 7169 of 1973."